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Just DOWNLOAD our FREE NHHA Awards and copy them for distribution in YOUR NEIGHBORHOOD. That's it !
There is no "obligation to join" the NHHA to download these Awards, and distribute them for the purposes described herein.
~ NHHA Award Guidelines and Stipulations ~
The NHHA Awards are not a competition, per se. They shall be bestowed upon those deemed meritorious of their appropriate rank. The same rank of Award (e.g., "Worst Place", etc.) may be given out to more than one participating Haunted Household, should more than one Neighborhood Participant merit it.
Neither Chapter Leaders nor Award Recipients are required to be actual homeowners (e.g., leased or rental properties may participate ). While the NHHA Awards are officially intended for distribution in residential neighborhoods, it is acceptable that condominiums, townhouses or apartment units may qualify, at the discretion of each Neighborhood Chapter Leader.
Awards may be bestowed at the sole discretion of each Local Neighborhood Chapter's Leader, or by consensus among local Chapter Members (either method to be decreed by each Chapter Leader annually, no later than one week prior to Halloween Night ). Awards may be bestowed up to one week after October 31st of this year, and will be available online to Chapter Members for downloading until then, after which they will be retired offline until the next year's Awards season.
NHHA Award Recipients MUST be known to give out SAFE candy, toys, or other suitable Halloween treats to their visiting Trick-or-Treaters. Period.
Local Neighborhood Chapter Leaders' jurisdiction shall not exceed their own residential zip code areas.
In the event that two (or more) Leaders establish Chapters in different neighborhoods within the same zip code, these Leaders shall be designated numerically, by order of the date their Chapter was founded.
Neither the NHHA, nor Cosmic Associates, nor their affiliates, shall be responsible for any harm arising from the misuse of these awards. The NHHA Awards are intended to be shared and distributed solely in good spirited fun, with the intention of encouraging better communication between neighbors, and to further promote enjoyment and participation in traditional Trick-or-Treat-related Halloween festivities.
The Worst Place Award shall be bestowed upon those passionately possessed lunatics who go all-out to turn their homes into major spook-infested haunted mansions. Decor will include numerous set pieces & props, creepy lighting fx, scary music and / or sound, etc.
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(sample above)
Recipients will have an abundance of swag on hand for Trick-or-Treaters brave enough to make it to their door, and will manifest further frightening showmanship (performed with appropriate restraint for the very young or exceptionally frightened) when dispensing the loot.
~ CLICK HERE for hi-resolution printable B&W DOWNLOAD.
The Honorable Howl Award shall be bestowed upon those gleeful souls who make an obvious effort to haunt their homes with exuberance and style, forthrightly displaying multiple Jack-o-Lanterns, and / or other props, dressings, or decorations.
~ CLICK HERE for hi-resolution printable COLOR DOWNLOAD.
(sample above)
Recipients will be fully-stocked with candy, sweets, toys, or other traditional goodies (e.g., rocks) for incoming Trick-or-Treaters, and may also qualify by appropriately greeting the Little Monsters with an artfully awful costume or mask.
~ CLICK HERE for hi-resolution printable B&W DOWNLOAD.
Terrible Mention Awards shall be bestowed upon those Neighbors who make any modest effort to acknowledge and participate in this season's Halloween activities.
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(sample above)
This may include a window or door decoration, or a single carved jack-o-lantern. Recipients must receive Trick-or-Treaters with traditional goodies.
~ CLICK HERE for hi-resolution printable B&W DOWNLOAD.
Rotten Pumpkin! Awards shall be reserved for those Un-Haunted Houses where the occupants are KNOWN to be in residence on Halloween, yet choose to turn the lights off and refuse to offer treats to the Trick-or-Treaters visiting them.
~ CLICK HERE for hi-resolution printable COLOR DOWNLOAD.
(sample above)
Exceptions will be made based upon fair and knowledgeable judgement of the circumstances of these houses' occupants (e.g., very elderly, infirm, or otherwise physically disabled residents, or those suffering financial hardship shall be exempt ).
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